In 2020 we have compensated 60,7 tons CO₂e associated with the carbon footprint of our products. This is equivalent to:

242.537,4 km traveled by an average passenger vehicle

7.746.733,54 smartphones charged

1.997.586,67 hours of use of an incandescent bulb

We have offset these emissions by collaborating in the following offset projects:

Reforestation project México

Project located in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, which aims to plant 100 million indigenous trees on 22,500 hectares of former forest land, which has been degraded by deforestation, forest fires, cattle grazing or monocultures.

Hydroelectric project Indonesia

Hydroelectric project located in Sumatra, Indonesia, which uses the water from the Musi River to generate around 765,000 MWh / day of clean electricity for the grid. In addition, the project has a reforestation program to prevent erosion and keep the soil healthy.

Reforestation project Panamá

Reforestation and forest conservation project located in the provinces of Chiriquí, Veraguas and Darien in Panama. The goal is to reforest about 25,000 acres. Currently more than 7,000 acres and 1.9 million native trees have been planted, as well as nearly 500 acres preserved.

In 2020 we have planted a total of 100 native trees in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico in collaboration with Plant-for-the-Planet

If you want to know more about our actions, we invite you to read our sustainability report!

In 2021, let's continue eating the carbon footprint together!

We are committed to organic, local and socially responsible food production