Ecological Infusions

The ecological cultivation of these guarantees that they are free of pesticides, GMOs or other chemicals.

Salt of Manantial free of microplastics

The spring salts and the Himalayan salt of Conca Organics have as their origin the fossil salt, this guarantees that our salts are free from microplastics.

Vegan Patés

Vegan patés with a high nutritional value from 100% organic ingredients.

Vegan Sauces

With 100% organic and vegan ingredients. Enjoy your dishes with a touch of incredible flavor.

Vegan Chocolate

With 100% organic and vegan ingredients. The aroma of our herbs brings an ancient pleasure.

Spring Salt Flakes

Unrefined spring salt flakes (originated 250 M years ago) free of microplastics that melt on top of your dishes.


We use the latest Life Cycle Analysis technologies to be the first
to develop sustainable, tasty products with a positive impact on society.

We support other local and socially responsible producers
so that they can grow together with us.

All our products are carbon neutral, we measure and
offset 100% of the emissions in the life cycle of our products.

We are committed to social responsibility,
through artisan work and local production.

We only produce certified organic products.


Enjoy healthy cooking like you’ve never done before